Why Move NY?

Petition Albany Leaders to Enact Move NY! 

It’s been called the “Summer of Hell” for a reason. The region’s transportation network is in full-blown crisis. New Yorkers are experiencing record levels of subway delays and derailments, reduced schedules for the LIRR, dangerously overcrowded platforms and cars, Penn Station shutdowns, massive traffic jams … it’s enough to make us stay home and never want to go outside again.

In the light of Governor Cuomo’s recent statements in support of congestion pricing, we are calling on New Yorkers to sign our petition and tell Governor Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Flanagan, and Assembly Speaker Heastie to adopt and enact, the full Move NY Fair Plan.

We’ve got the plan, but we need you to make it a reality.

The Move NY Fair Plan has broad support from across the political spectrum, but to make it a reality that’s helping all New Yorkers, we’re going to need New Yorkers to step up and spread the word.

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