Move NY is a faster, safer, fairer plan that will maintain the lifeblood of our city for generations to come …

“Gridlock” Sam Schwartz and the Move NY team have come up with a commonsense plan that is fair for everyone: toll the crossings into Manhattan south of Central Park, where traffic is worst and transit options are plentiful, and significantly lower tolls on all the MTA bridges. The net revenue from this more equitable tolling system will be invested in the transit system, roads, and bridges that all of us rely on to get around.

Good for Straphangers
• More trains, more often
• Less crowding, fewer delays
• Station rehabilitations
• Countdown Clocks system-wide
• Faster fare collection system

Good for Bus Riders
• Cheaper fares (in City outskirts)
• More county bus service
• More Express Bus service
• More Select Bus Service routes

Good for Commuter Rail Riders
• More frequent service
• Better access to stations

Good for New York
• More business & tourism added to our regional economy
• Faster movement of goods, services and people

Good for Drivers
• Fairer, more balanced tolling will reduce traffic and speed up commutes
• Bridge tolls will be cut 39-48% (E-ZPass) in communities with less traffic and fewer transit options
• Commercial vehicles only pay one round trip toll per day
• 2-3 more deliveries or service calls per day, per vehicle south of Central Park

Good for Communities
• Safer streets
• Less air pollution (fewer incidents of asthma attacks and respiratory illness)
• New ferry landings and more service

Good for Taxi Drivers & Passengers
• Cabbies will see a 15% increase in number of fares per shift
• Up to 20% faster trips south of Central Park

To ensure that the monies will be invested where most needed,
Move NY will Place priority on increasing rapid transit in underserved communities before new tolls are established Safeguard (“lockbox” through bonding) the money for transportation only Make concrete investments to maintain and improve our roads, rail lines, subways, and bus routes.