Adding Capacity


Move NY Transit Capacity Solutions

With record ridership levels, our subways are reaching capacity. The Move NY Fair Plan offers short- and longterm solutions for improving New Yorkers’ commutes.

More Trains
Adding trains on the JZ, 1, QN, G, L, and C lines, and increasing frequency of trains; adding three power substations for the L line to carry 2,200 more passengers per hour

More Bus Routes
Creating new Express Bus service, new SBS/BRT routes, and reducing Express Bus fares throughout the five boroughs

New Ferry Service
Expanding ferry service throughout the boroughs

Computer-Based Train Control
Installing 21st century technologies to move trains in and out of stations more frequently and more quickly on the EFMR lines and the BDFM lines

Station & Platform Upgrades
Widen staircases and platforms, install elevators and new street-level entrances, improve bus shelters and streetscapes to decrease overcrowding