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The Move NY team – based on hundreds of conversations with labor, business, community groups, transportation experts, and elected officials across the region – has come up with an innovative plan to make NY’s transportation system better for ALL New Yorkers.

By simply making the City’s tolling system fairer – reducing tolls that are too high and adding and restoring tolls where traffic is worst and transit options are plentiful – we can generate the revenue we need to maintain, modernize, and expand our aging transit system and improve our road and bridge network, creating 30,000+ new, local, annually recurring jobs in the process.  What’s not to love?

* Based on revised modeling, the Move NY plan is estimated to generate $1.35 billion in annual revenue with approximately $975M per year going to fund mass transit improvements. This infographic will be updated to reflect the revised numbers in the new year.

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Move NY is a region-wide grassroots campaign that seeks to build support for a master transportation plan for the New York metropolitan area. Our mission is to bring faster, safer, fairer transportation to all New Yorkers – drivers, riders, cyclists, and pedestrians alike. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter. or Tumblr.

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